Grabb Solutions is a Full-Service Marketing Consultancy Agency Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eric Ellis started Grabb Marketing LLC in 2015 as a competitor with the likes of Groupon and Living Social. Since then Grabb Marketing LLC has evolved into what it is today, a full service marketing firm. We design and implement business solutions for all types of industries including real estate, sales, hospitality, call centers and much more.

Eric has studied Physics and Electronics Engineering while attending Georgia State and Savannah State Universities. He has been in Atlanta for 25 years and is a proud father.


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What to Expect From Our Service

Grabb Marketing offers a range of marketing services to fit your business, budget and growth plan. We recognize that all businesses have different needs and hence we cater to each client individually and provide only relevant services to their particular needs. All of our services stem from our marketing model of providing your business with an outstanding marketing team to produce well-rounded and consistent marketing campaigns.

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At Grabb Marketing, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Our consulting firm aims to transform businesses starting from within, adopting an agile mindset to empower leaders and build flexible, data-driven businesses. We don’t just embrace change — we create it. Clients trust Grabb Marketing, one of the top marketing firms, to get their brand and marketing strategies aligned and launched.

Our professional and creative marketing practitioners at Grabb Marketing offer solutions outside of conventional marketing trends. 

Our Key Pillars

We believe change starts from within, and we’re there to help you implement data-driven marketing objectives and follow through with them every step of the way.

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We create and maintain an atmosphere where aspirations meet innovation.

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We leverage our industry knowledge and experience to achieve client satisfaction.

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We utilize all available resources to achieve the extraordinary for every unique client.